Problems at Sutro Media

SutroSadly, Sutro Media, which handles the tech part of San Diego Essential Guide, is having major difficulties.

Because of a bug in its system, recent updates have not been activated on the app. We apologize for the inconvenience.

A company spokesman says he is confident things will not stagnate much longer. In the meantime, please note that restaurant Amaya La Jolla and the Gaslamp nightclub Stingaree have closed.

We’ll keep you updated here on Sutro’s efforts to get its apps back on track. In the meantime,  until the product is once again up to date and something we can be proud of, we’ve asked Sutro to take San Diego Essential Guide off the market.








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What Users Say

“INCREDIBLE! This app is great. Great pictures. Great reviews. I’m more excited than ever about my upcoming trip!” – Jenni78

“BEST SAN DIEGO GUIDE EVER…I’m throwing out all my other San Diego guides!” – Sue in Oregon

“INDISPENSIBLE TRAVEL PLANNER – This guide has been indispensible in planning our upcoming trip to San Diego. It’s got all of the need-to-know details, making it easy to find restaurants and things to do that fit our budget. And, it’s easy to use. Love this app!” – Gerri S

“AMAZING APP – This is a must-have guide for family and friends visiting San Diego – and for locals who want to find out what’s new and fun in our city. Reviews are thorough and photos are superb. Lots of  ‘off the beaten path’ discoveries! It’s also a very easy app to navigate.  I highly recommend it.” – Martha in San Diego.

“GREAT INFO! I love this app because it provides so many great ideas of what to explore in lovely San Diego! The app has a simple interface that is very easy to browse… Whether you’re a tourist or just want to know your own area better, you’ll love this San Diego travel app.” – Andy Johnson

“FRESH LOOK AT GASLAMP…I’ll check those places on my next visit.  I like this app for its insider knowledge.” – Travguy

“GREAT APP FOR LOCALS – This app takes the thinking out of getting the best from your city, locals!  I love it because it shows me new and exciting spots that I would have never known this great city had. I own a home repair company and I use the app anytime I’m in another part of the county to do some exploring.  I feel like an expert! Can we get a sixth star, Apple?” – sush4money

“BEST INVESTMENT IN YEARS! I live in San Diego and bought this app because my granddaughter is coming to visit and I thought I’d look up the promised ‘kid friendly’ places. Found them and much more. The Sea World listing included a link to a coupon that repays the cost of the app – 18 times over! It’s the best return on investment I’ve had in years! Thank you.” – Grateful Grandad

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